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Chance Encounters on The Highline presents an installation of Multiverse and select short films about crossing paths and not knowing it.
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Multiverse is a set of simple rules that bring 3 strangers from the tweeting public together to create a momentary, singular expression of desire, nostalgia, rumination and locomotion that evokes the city and the people in it. Multiverse generates a progression of 3-line poems with a predisposition for verbal accidents that take advantage of quirks in the English language and the bazaar of human emotion on display in the Twitter public feed.

Multiverse happens all the time at here and was created by Katie Parlante and Mimi Yin.

The Chance Encounters installation as a whole plays with the tension between the tedium of complete unpredictability that is the perennial risk of pure chance operations and the banal predictability of formulaic composition. It asks: How do you create something authentically unplanned, unchoreographed, unpredictable without losing the essential arc and structure that we all need in order to make sense of our experiences?

The Films
The short films are as much visual art pieces as they are dance and movement works and explorations in visualizing rhythm.

Shadowlight created by Mimi Yin and Craig Protzel is a sustained collision between a mostly still body and a wildly roving light.

The White on White films directed by Mimi Yin and featuring Maddy Bullard and Lulu Soni are studies in finding the tipping points inside movement, those moments adjacent to equilibrium when the body could go left or right, up or down. The films begin just before sunset, barely perceptible in broad daylight and slowly come into view as the sky darkens and night arrives.

When and Where

Chance Encounters happen 100 feet west of the Highline between 19th and 20th Streets, every Friday and Saturday evening (weather permitting) from sunset to closing time starting Sept 21, 2012, ending Oct 13, 2012. Check our Facebook page for rain dates.

You can follow Multiverse on Facebook and Twitter. You can contact us @ info at multivers dot es.

In the Press

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Chance Encounters was made possible by The Department of Things Easily Broken if Not Properly Handled.

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